OEM Grade Premium Rotors

Equals or Surpasses OEM

Reibung™ Premium rotors are manufactured to equal or surpass OEM part specifications. Each rotor was carefully engineered and crafted according to the original equipment specifications ensuring that all clearances and tolerances are respected for a perfect fitment. This allows for OE equivalent or better performance while resulting in a quick and easy installation.

Corrosion Resistance

Long lasting corrosion protection is ensured by either the E-Coat™ electro powdercoating or the Z-Coat™ zinc electroplating process. Both providing a smooth and appealing finish designed to withstand 400 hours of salt water exposure.1 Most rotors on the market still come uncoated or use standard phosphate finishes which only provide minimal protection against the elements as they were conceived to protect the rotors for the transportation and storage. As soon as installed on the vehicle, the heat and moisture render these finishes much less effective resulting in immediate corrosion. Reibung™ Premium coated rotors are a more durable alternative for a better peace of mind while adding value to the vehicle.

High Carbon Metallurgy

Reibung™ High Carbon brake rotors are also offered for certain vehicle applications. High Carbon, Chromium, and Molybdenum alloy resists cracking when subject to high heat, increases strength and friction couple which improves stopping performance. The advanced metallurgy behind the High Carbon rotors combined with high friction European style brake pads also greatly reduce the possibility of pad squeal.

Machined Finishes2

Reibung™ Premium rotors hats and other external surfaces are entirely machined. Compared to uneven bare cast iron, this additional process provides better rotor balance while creating a clean and smooth surface finish.

Double Disc Ground

Reibung™ Premium rotors friction surface area is double disc ground to minimize thickness variations and vibrations. A near perfect disc thickness variation (DTV) is obtained by double disc grinding which ensures parallelism and eliminates run out providing quieter and smoother stops. This taper free finish leaves a non-directional finish which results in better initial bite and in more effective pad/rotor break-in. RMS = 64.3 or Ra = 1.6 micro-meters (63 micro-inches) is the nominal production standard for surface Roughness.

Mill Balanced

Mill balanced to a tolerance of less than 2oz.inch, Reibung™ Premium rotors deliver a virtually perfect balance for better stability, smoother stopping and minimal vibration.

Symmetric Vane Castings2

Proper heat transfer and thermal efficiency of center-split core casting results in better rotor stability, superior braking power and improved safety.2

OE Vane Structure Design

Specific rotors vane structure has been engineered to match the original equipment design specifications. This ensures the rotors will behave as the original part was intended to.2

Direct Fitment Application

Reibung™ Premium rotors are designed for direct OEM replacement. They are guaranteed to fit the original equipment with respect to all dimensional clearances. This allows for standard easy installation process as no modifications are required.


Reibung™ is known as a leading independently owned and managed Canadian manufacturer and distributor of premium and performance brake components. Most rotors are manufactured in ISO9002 / QS9000 / TUV World Standards compliant factories located in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

1Based on independent laboratory tests.
2Fitment specific