Heavy Duty Kevlar Brake Pads

Reduced Noise & Dust

Formulated to provide better noise abatement while reducing dust resulting in a more pleasant ride with cleaner wheels and contributing to the proper functioning of the brake components without sacrificing performance.

Precise and Predictable Control

Premium vehicle specific kevlar-metallic/carbon para-aramid composite formulations are ideal in heavy duty and performance applications where predictable braking behavior is required to provide precise control during weight transfer. Designed, engineered and manufactured to exceed OEM standards, these are providing a high friction level and temperature fade resistance.

100% Asbestos-Free

Reibung brake pad formulas are all 100% asbestos-free. Although still used in the brake industry, asbestos fibers are recognized as highly toxic and are extremely hazardous to human health.


Precision cut/shaved backing plates and mechanically attached shims ensure proper fitment with the caliper while dampening vibrations and eliminating noise.

Positive Mold Technology

Manufactured using the same positive molding process utilized by OEM to provide consistent fade-free performance and predictable braking.


Improving pad/rotor engagement significantly reducing vibrations and noise while preventing "edge lifting".

Post Cured & Scorched

Ensuring consistent performance throughout the brake pad service life and speeding up the bedding in process by pre-burning off gases and excess resins.


Adds flexibility to the pad preventing heat expansion cracks while promoting water and friction debris evacuation.

*Application Specific
Generic image for illustrative purposes only, actual product may differ.


Reibung™ is known as a leading independently owned and managed Canadian manufacturer and distributor of premium and performance brake components. Most rotors are manufactured in ISO9002 / QS9000 / TUV World Standards compliant factories located in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Canada.